BMTv4 Update

Welcome Just a short update on the progress of the new BMT.

We are very close to finishing the server side software for people to test out, some of the old functions are still incorporated in the new software.

We have added some new functionality to it to keep up to date with the times and make it easier for people to administer the game like. (More time to play)

Database system: Instead of using text file and .ini files it will have a SQL database, for bans, messages and other item’s.

VPN Checker: that can be turned on or off or custom abuse levels.

File Transfer: the ability to upload and down load maps from the super Administrator PC to the server. (Coming)

Players chat history: the history of a players chat will be able to be read by selecting the players name in the chat tab.

Ban: the right click on a player has new ban functions for banning player.

Web Admin: this software will have a fully functional web admin interface. (Coming)

Software Updates: updates will be automatically done each time you start the program, but it can also be done manually using the get updates button.  

Now that being said this software is being updated for the Game Monsters Dedicated Nova servers.

To visit the Game Monsters Click HERE.

The Game Monsters customers will get first preference to beta test this software, as we only have eight license keys.

 This does not mean squads or other non-Game Monster users will not get a chance to try out the software, it all depends on who has filled in the beta tester application on the link above.

Remember the Game Monsters are the main provider of the dedicated servers that host Novalogic games.

The servers are only $55per month USD after the indicial setup fee and you get:

Intel i3 2130 Nova Dedicated Server

Dual Core
Hyper threaded to 4 cores
3.4+ GHz
64 Bit
8 GB of Ram
1TB Hard Drive
Windows 2019 Server Included

Remote admin access to your server

FTP access

Or you can rent a shared 50 slot DFBHD server for $25 USD per month. There is no Remote admin access with this service but you do get FTP access.